Stress can Cause Weight Gain

Stress is very clearly linked to weight gain and if you’re suffering with stress it’s likely that the weight you’re gaining because of the complex problems associated with stress is just adding to your anxiety.

Why are Stress and Weight Gain Linked

There are two areas in which stress and weight gain are linked: emotional eating and the body’s physical reaction to stress.

Emotional eating is a common reaction to stress and if you’re experiencing stress to a regular and significant degree then it’s very likely that you’ll be gaining weight. Pretty simple.

The body’s physical reaction to stress is a little more complicated. When you are stressed your blood glucose drops, cortisol is called out to boost your blood sugar levels which is why you crave high fat, high sugar foods. It also helps the body to store fat around the abdomen.


What can I do About Stress and Weight Gain?

There are two main ways of combating stress and weight gain and they are pretty obvious: deal with your stress and eat to lose weight. This is easier said than done and if it was that easy you wouldn’t have a problem. However, there is a four step plan that can help you beat this problem:

Step one: discover what your stresses are
Step two: learn strategies and skills to be able to reduce or dissipate your stress
Step three: implement these strategies and skills
Step four: eat for optimum nutrition

If you are suffering from stress and weight gain then our expertise will help you to: learn about your stress, learn to control and reduce your stress, eat for optimum nutrition, teach you strategies to stop emotional eating.

My Story of Stress and Weight Gain

The reason I work in this field is that I discovered the link between stress and weight gain and emotional eating, and how to kick it into touch!

I was in a pretty dire situation a few years ago, deeply unhappy and obese from all of the comfort eating I was doing. To say that I was stressed was an understatement and measuring on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have guaged my stress levels to be at a 10 at that point in my life. At no point during my days did I feel able to relax and unwind. I’d wake up every morning feeling tired, down, and barely able to drag myself through the day. I had palpitations, found it difficult to breath, felt continually tense, was irritable and my hair had begun to fall out. I know it’s corny but I felt so desperate for inner peace that I was like a man in the desert desperate for water.

How did I escape from this situation? Well, I came to realise that nothing was going to change my situation and I was the only person who could do anything about how I felt. I realised that in large part it was my thinking and how I was dealing with the difficult situation I found myself in that was a major part of why I felt so bad. It was that moment of realisation that began my healing journey and what I learnt truly changed my life.


I learnt how to manage and reduce my stress, and find an inner peace even though I was still facing the same difficult situation. What amazed me too was that I began to lose weight and I realised that there was a serious connection between my feelings and how I ate, my stress and weight gain.

At that point I knew that I had found something really special, some knowledge that could change women’s lives and that helping women break free from emotional turmoil and food problems was what I wanted to do.

Learning to manage your stress can be the best way to lose weight!

P. S. We are here to empower you to take control of your stress response and eating habits so that you can step off the stress and weight gain rollercoaster and remember, you have nothing to lose with our 100% guarantee!